Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

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KT Secure has a track record delivering vulnerability assessments and penetration testing for leading global companies.  We have the depth of experience and dedication you need to defend your business from determined hackers and organised criminals.  We detect so you can protect.

The Challenge

Being hacked can have a major impact on your brand and business. Access to funds, customer and employee data, competitive plans, patented designs and intellectual property including R&D, has never been spread across so many devices, networks and geographies. Some of the following considerations complicate defence.

  • New applications, products, systems, processes and installations can provide competitive edge and productivity gains
  • However, any new or changed element is also prone to unforeseen security vulnerabilities that open it and any of the company data, identities and people connected to it, to criminal hackers or organised criminals
  • Your IT staff build systems and develop new applications and have many concerns including integration, usability etc. Security is not their only concern they spend most of their time building and creating things for you, not looking for vulnerabilities
  • As digital capabilities increasingly become the ‘glue’ that bonds a sophisticated distributed enterprise together, downtime is very costly and untenable
  • Hackers are increasingly sophisticated and determined and can be well-funded too

The battle between spend-to-enable and spend-to-protect is constant.

Our Solutions

We provide the following services and we tailor our work to suit your requirements and situation.

Vulnerability Assessment

  • Experienced and dedicated Security Experts simulate real attacks and use their vast knowledge of threats and best practice to identify different types of vulnerability
  • Vulnerabilities are prioritised using the industry standard Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) and further qualitative severity rankings, which also help you to properly assess and prioritise your vulnerability management processes
  • Remedial actions are recommended

Penetration Testing

  • Our experts explore how priority security vulnerabilities could be exploited to fully understand the risk they pose
  • This process can be applied to single applications but also to major elements of your operation including web applications, IT infrastructure, program source code, social engineering (people-based vulnerabilities) and mobile applications
  • We report the outcomes and recommended remedial actions and best practices

Our team is made up of enthusiastic, dedicated and highly experienced specialists. Team leads have an average of 15 years’ security experience, team members at least 5 (and of course CISSP, CISA, CRISC accreditations as well as ISO27001, DPA, GDPR, GLBA and PCI DSS expertise). Our success depends on our ability to anticipate and identify vulnerabilities before they are exposed to organised criminals and hence to minimise your security risk.

About KT Secure

Founded in 2009 as Knight Trading UK Limited, KT Secure’s mission is to provide proven and productive Cyber Security services backed by a passionate team. The co-founders and key members of the company are industry experts with a combined experience of more than 100 years in the information security domain. An approved supplier to premium automotive manufacturers, global telecoms and financial service providers, KT Secure’s head office is in Marylebone, London.

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