KT Secure - penetration testing, software code signing, hsm management

The requirements for managing Cyber Security infrastructure and the threats faced are becoming increasingly complex.  There is a constant balancing act for organisations juggling the scope, cost, and resources necessary to reduce risk and maximise return on investment to prevent breaches and mitigate threats.  KTSecure can help organisations manage their Cyber Security Operations and reduce the headache of staying ahead of the Cyber criminals by bringing a coordinated approach that enables a consistent, trusted approach to Cyber Security across your environment.

Our experience team of industry veterans combine to provide the following services:

Managed Services

HSM Management

Our Hardware Security Module management service includes HSM consultancy, deployment, Remote Management and Monitoring.  HSM infrastructure audits along with Key Management Services, PKI discovery and monitoring, and cloud integration. We also provide procedural guidance and assistance for managing these highly secure assets.

Software Code Signing

Our Secure Code Signing service enables the end users of software or the systems on which the software is installed to verify that software images and updates are from a legitimate source. The solution is intended for companies looking to distribute digitally signed software updates to remote devices or systems, such as TV box sets and IoT devices.

Offensive Security Services

Our Offensive Security Services such as Penetration Testing and Security vulnerability assessment along with Cyber Threat Readiness and Continuous Cyber Threat Readiness Testing.  We assess and report on the security of your applications and infrastructure and can provide remediation plans or undertake remediation activities to address any vulnerabilities.  Our Cyber Threat Readiness services allow for one-time and continuous testing and reporting to provide a comprehensive overview of your current security posture.

Penetration Testing

Our experts explore how priority security vulnerabilities could be exploited to fully understand the risk they pose.  This process can be applied to single applications but also to major elements of your operation including web applications, IT infrastructure, program source code, social engineering (people-based vulnerabilities) and mobile applications.  We report the outcomes and recommended remedial actions and best practices

Vulnerability Assessment

Our Experienced and dedicated Security Experts simulate real attacks and use their vast knowledge of threats and best practice to identify different types of vulnerability.  Any discovered Vulnerabilities are prioritised using the industry standard Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) and further qualitative severity rankings, which also help you to properly assess and prioritise your vulnerability management processes.  We advise on Remedial actions to take to address the vulnerabilities and decrease your exposure to Cyber Threats.