Clarifying The Cloud Webinar

View our on demand webinar. Together with Skybox Security, our experts will be discussing how to take a strategic approach to cloud planning, migration and the continuous secure management of cloud solutions. Get cloud solution clarity, with real examples and experiences of best practices and key considerations.

Optimising Cloud Infrastructures Webinar

Organisations of all kinds are now adopting a “cloud first” approach to their IT service provision, however the runaway momentum of this trend hasn’t grown without creating some issues. Join our webinar with Skybox Security as we discuss how to optimise cloud infrastructures.
Data Mapping

What is Data Mapping?

An integral part of your journey towards GDPR compliance is understanding what data you collect, where it is stored and the conditions in which it is stored. Data mapping, also known as a data inventory, this process can be particularly challenging if your organisation does not already have a central map of personal data or if operations span multiple locations.
GDPR Myths Blog

Common Myths of GDPR

With GDPR only a few months away, the number of papers, seminars and news reports available on the new regulation are growing in number. Can you sort the facts from the fiction? We have fact checked some of the most common myths of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in our latest blog.