KT Secure and Macmon Webinar

On demand webinar: Advanced Network Security

What: Network Access Control Webinar
When: On demand recording
Duration: 30mins
Paul Smith – Pre-Sales Engineer at macmon secure
Paul Charles – Head of Professional Services at KT Secure
Jon Fisher – Sales Consultant at KT Secure

Together with macmon secure UK, our recorded webinar is a great overview of why Network Access Control (NAC) and network security is so vital in the management and protection of increasingly diverse infrastructures. During the 30 minute session, we discuss the impact of poor network security management and how organisation’s can minimise network vulnerabilities.

Examples of network security exploits and their impact:

How can you minimise vulnerabilities?

  • Central administration with real time access to IT inventory, including IoT and BYOD
  • Visualisation of entire network – even heterogeneous environments
  • Legacy system management including the patching and integration of systems
  • Understanding current environment and where there are gaps in security
  • Management of third-party vendors within corporate networks
  • Securing and segmenting endpoint connections – reducing attack surfaces
  • Automation of VLAN management – segmenting network access for maximum security
  • Security awareness training for staff and other stakeholders

If you have any questions about network access control solutions within your organisation, please contact our team of experts. We have the skills and experience needed to holistically assess your needs and implement a solution to meet your exacting requirements.