Clarifying The Cloud Webinar

The Cloud has fast become an integral part of modern enterprises of all sizes, transforming the security landscape. A recent report from Digital McKinsey indicates that over the next three years, 80% of organisations plan to double their use of cloud solutions.

The popularity of cloud solutions can be attributed to its flexibility, with organisations able to access information and applications without locational restrictions. For evolving and expanding organisations, cloud computing can also enable the accurate provisioning of resources and rapid upscaling as needed.

The sheer volume of data organisations now collect on a daily basis must be available at all times and stored in a secure format. Cloud computing can increase accessibility across diverse organisational infrastructures, without compromising data security. With European new data protection regulation coming into force in May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation, the location of your cloud storage is another key consideration.

Utilising legacy systems in an increasingly distributed and data rich infrastructure can be disastrous for both efficiency and security. However, a poorly planned cloud migration and integration can be just as damaging to an organisation.

Understanding the full view of your current infrastructure and all the interdependencies between various applications, is vital preparation for any cloud adoption and migration strategy. Organisations need to understand exactly what they have and where it is stored, and the potential risks associated with migration.

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Together with Skybox Security, our experts will be discussing how to take a strategic approach to cloud planning, migration and the continuous secure management of cloud solutions.

While a cloud migration process should be tailored to each organisation and their risk environment, there are fundamental building blocks required for any successful cloud strategy. During this webinar our team will discuss their thoughts and experiences of best practice and key considerations before embarking on the move, as well as secure cloud maintenance.

We will also spend time on threat analysis and treatment, ensuring that the types of threats faced by your organisation are responded to appropriately.

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Skybox and KT Secure: Optimising Cloud Infrastructures


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