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Event: Strategies for disruptive and emerging technologies

The influx of additional untrusted entry points into corporate networks, plus a lack of security standards for IoT devices, means organisations could be introducing unknown vulnerabilities to their network. The evolving nature of this technology poses some key questions to organisational leaders.

How can you balance the protection of critical data and systems, alongside the accessibility requirements needed for an increasingly mobile workforce? With consistently evolving security threats, how can you prepare for an evolving technology future?

KT Secure partnered with macmon secure on the 27th of September 2018 to deliver our inaugural security event. Discussing security strategies to manage disruptive and emerging technologies, alongside our special guest speaker Michael Setton of Digital Catapult, who provided an early view on what’s on the IoT horizon – including their potential benefit or harm.

Our venue for this exclusive event was The Gherkin with panoramic views of the city as a backdrop to this interesting and informative evening.

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We had a total of three talks over the evening, all delivered by thought leaders and experts in the field of IoT and overall IT security. First up was Robert Billington from macmon secure. Focusing on the importance of visibility when considering the number of devices and connections on corporate networks.

Next up was IoT enthusiast Dr Michael Setton from Digital Catapult. Taking a look at some of the emerging areas of IoT and key considerations for the future.

Our final talk was with Jon Anthony and Alex Andrascu, representing KT Secure and My Digital Doctor, respectively. From botnets to the dark web, medical devices and software code signing, Jon and Alex provided us with some key takeaways for the future of IoT.

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