Optimising Cloud Infrastructures Webinar

Organisations of all kinds are now adopting a “cloud first” approach to their IT service provision, however the runaway momentum of this trend hasn’t grown without creating some issues. An ever-changing landscape of security threats means that cloud security must be a constant priority.

Jon Fisher of KT Secure, and Peter Hughes of Skybox Security, will share their experiences of helping clients overcome the issues which commonly arise when moving critical services to cloud infrastructures. Whether you’re planning your approach to cloud service migration, or want to ensure your existing cloud deployment is able to deliver all the benefits expected, our webinar will discuss tips tools and technologies to help you along the way.

Additional topics include:

  • Taking a strategic approach to cloud adoption, migration and ongoing management.
  • Understanding your threat environment with full visibility into what you have and where.
  • Integrating cloud security management into your overall security programme.
  • Unifying security policies across diverse networks, vendors and technologies for consistent and comprehensive protection.
  • Threat centric vulnerability management process (discovery, prioritisation, remediation, oversight)

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Title: Skybox and KT Secure: Optimising Cloud Infrastructures


Duration: 1 hour